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Following the guidelines of Quebec’s public health, the casino is temporarily closed.

Fairmont Le Manoir Richelieu hotel is open.

Powerbucks | Casino de Charlevoix

Millionaire, and nothing less. What would you do with a million dollars?

Buy a boat, travel the world, become a homeowner. With $1,000,000, you could get anything your heart desires.

Millionaire, and nothing less What would you do with a million dollars?

Buy a boat, travel the world, become a homeowner. With $1,000,000, you could get anything your heart desires.

Electrifying progressive jackpot

The Powerbucks progressive jackpot is linked to the PowerhitsTM game (the list will grow soon!). PowerhitsTM is a slot machine interconnected by a network. It can be found in casinos in Québec and across Canada. It is also available online at Espacejeux.com.


  • Good news no. 1: All bets made on these physical and virtual slot machines grow the same Powerbucks progressive jackpot (note that only bets of $3 or more are eligible for the progressive jackpot).
  • Good news no. 2: The Powerbucks progressive jackpot starts at $1,000,000. 
  • Good news no. 3: The PowerhitsTM game also offers a fixed prize of $1,000,000 (bets under $3 are eligible for this fixed prize). 
  • In short: You could become a millionaire, no matter where you play or how much you bet!

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Lotoquebec.com Powerbucks™ creates a second millionaire in one week!

Jules Parent has won the Powerbucks™ $1,222,069 progressive jackpot! The advertisement of the winner of the first $1 million in this same game had convinced him to try his luck. At first, he thought he won $222,000, but when he contacted us, he realized he won more than $1 million! Our lucky winner is planning to renovate his house and enjoy life with his loved ones.

Lotoquebec.com A Côte-Nord resident becomes a millionaire with an 80¢ bet

Chantal won $1,000,000 with an 80¢ bet. When she saw she had won the grand prize, the lucky winner put on her glasses to make sure she had correctly read the numbers displayed. She then immediately went to announce the good news to her mother in person. She received her cheque during a festive meeting at the Casino de Charlevoix. She will be taking time to reflect on her new-found fortune, but she does intend on purchasing a new car in short order.

Casino de Montréal $1,700,000 jackpot won after betting $15 !

The first big win at the Powerbucks slot machine is won in Canada

“I didn’t expect this today! I come to the casino a few times a year and always put $20 in the Powerbucks machine. When I saw that I had won the progressive jackpot, I couldn’t believe it,” said Mr. Bruneau. His spouse Lise Boucher was quick to add: “The most important thing in life is to be in good health, but now we not only have our health, we are lucky enough to have the means to enjoy it, too.”

The progressive jackpot begins at $1,000,000!

Millionaire, and nothing less.