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Our activities are resuming gradually. Check out our reopening plan for more information.

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It all comes together right here

A serial lottery-inspired dream maker, a tough poker opponent, a sports fan or member of a tightly woven bingo community. Why choose one when you can be all of them at the same time? 

You’re a fighter, always on the lookout for fun, and a dreamer. Welcome to a whole world of online gaming, available whenever you want it.

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  • Online tickets (starting at)
  • Over 175 games

A touch away from your wildest dreams

First, take a moment to select your lucky numbers. Then anticipation grows with thoughs of winning, cudgelling up projects, the announcement of winners. And the best part? No need to check the results or worry about losing your ticket. It’s the lottery you know, but better.   


A casino to go

All the fun of casino games, right at home and everywhere you go. Roulette, blackjack, slot machines, EZ games, video poker and so much more. Games just like those in casinos around the world, readily accessible.


Interactive games you can explore at your own pace

Entertainment inspired from the most popular lottery and online games, but with a whole new way to play. You choose the symbols, you uncover them one at a time, at your own pace. And the jackpots? They’re instant. You play. You know if you win.


A social game, an extra fun

A triple-your-fun adventure awaits. One: Play in the bingo room of your choice. Two: Join a community of people who chat and share your passions. Three: Complete the experience with mini games that are easy to play and love.


Mr. Cool, Bluffer, Shark, Globe-Trotter or Whoever

You have carefully selected your nickname. You may be striving to earn a title, recognition, a prize or simply have fun playing. Regardless of your motivation, you’re sure to find a game or tournament that reflects your profile as well as your wallet.


Better odds online – Wanna bet?

Mise-o-jeu online offers higher potential winnings. Sports, political or cultural events: It’s time to make your predictions. Experience events more intensely.




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