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The vaccination passport and an original photo ID are mandatory. Read more.

Bar Le Poker | Casino de Montréal

Our Poker bar is to remain closed until further notice.

Bar Poker

Nothing but fun

Do you like both sports and poker? Never miss a great shot or a big game. See live sports on the Poker bar’s screens, located near the Texas Hold’em tables. Major poker tournaments are also held here. It’s a great way to watch the pros getting their game on. In need of refreshments? Enjoy a cold beer and some chicken wings, a smoked meat sandwich or pizza.

We’ll be waiting to serve you between two tournaments.


Bar Poker

Pavillon du Québec, 1st Floor
Pavillon La France, 1, avenue du Casino, Montréal, Qc H3C 4W7



Admission restricted to patrons 18 or over


Soup of the day


Bucket of homemade chips, dip


Chicken wings (1lb)


Daily special


Slice of pizza

Neapolitan or all dressed



Neapolitan or bolognese sauce


*Selected beverage included

Niçoise wrap

Tuna, hard boiled eggs, olives


Ham and cheese wrap

Roasted bell peppers, pesto, mozzarella



Smoked turkey, roasted bell peppers, pesto, asiago


Smoked meat sandwich


Poker sandwich

Chicken, bacon, cheese, lettuce, tomato


Grilled cheese alla parmigiana

Fried chicken, tomato sauce, pesto, mozzarella


Antipasto salad

Penne, artichoke, heart of palm, egg, olive


Taouk chicken Caesar salad

Romano cheese, Caesar dressing