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Wheel of fortune | Casino de Montréal

Gradual resumption of activities: Our wheel of fortune tables are to remain closed until further notice.

Wheel of Fortune

Attempt to predict the number on which the spinning wheel will stop.

  • Max number of players at the table
  • Minimum casino bet

Good to know

Wheel of Fortune is without question the easiest table game to play. Before playing your first game of Wheel of Fortune, you might benefit from learning about certain notions of the game. These helpful tips and basic rules will give you a sense of what to expect before you get to the casino. Once you are at the table, don’t hesitate to ask the dealer any questions you may have. Helping you understand how the game is played is part of their job.

The initial bet

Place your money on the table. Never hand it to the dealer. The chips that you purchase from the dealer will enable you to place your bets on the designated spots on the playing surface before the dealer says “Rien ne va plus” (no more bets) and spins the Wheel of Fortune. Initial bets cannot be made, changed or withdrawn after that point.

You must respect the minimum and maximum limits indicated at the table when placing your bets.

The game

Betting spots represent either a number, the Joker or the Casino and correspond to one or more sections of equal size on the wheel. Although the dealer may assist you in positioning your bet(s), you are at all times responsible for your final position.

The dealer then spins the wheel of fortune. The result for a game is the number on which the pointer rests when the wheel comes to a stop. 

Winning and losing bets

A bet wins if it corresponds to this number. However, a bet on Joker wins when the pointer comes to rest on the “45 Joker” segment of the wheel, and a bet on Casino wins when the pointer comes to rest on the “45 Casino” segment of the wheel. For a result to be valid, the spinning wheel must not be obstructed in any way and must complete at least 3 revolutions.

On some Wheel of Fortune tables, the winning number is lit after each spin. Numbers are lit only as a reference for players. In case of a malfunction or a discrepancy between the number lit and the actual winning number as determined by the wheel, the latter shall prevail.

This text gives a summary of the main rules regarding Wheel of Fortune. For more detailed information, please consult Québec’s By-law respecting casino games. In case of a discrepancy between the rules in this text and those in the By-law, the rules in the By-law prevail.

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