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Sustainable development | Hôtel-Casino de Charlevoix

Sustainable Development

In this section, you will learn about the many efforts the Casino de Charlevoix has made to maximize its contribution to the community. The Casino’s various initiatives relate to the three dimensions of sustainable development:

  • social fairness
  • conservation
  • economic performance.

Sustainable Development

In this section, you will learn about the many efforts the Casino de Montréal has made to maximize its contribution to the community. The Casino’s various initiatives relate to the three dimensions of sustainable development:

  • social fairness
  • conservation
  • economic performance.

Fighting food insecurity through a long-standing partnership with Moisson food banks

For several years now, the casinos have been working with Moisson food banks across Québec in their fight against food insecurity—a cause they both deeply care about. Through this partnership, the casinos have given employees opportunities to positively impact their communities and take part in volunteer and community service activities.

Some of these activities include food drives, fundraisers, and an annual volunteer day for casino and head office employees. In the fall of 2018, over 220 employees spent time sorting foodstuffs at the Moisson warehouse, took part in the Guignolée des médias, cooked meals, and organized food drives at local grocery stores. Through these activities, employees helped collect close to 15,000 kg of foodstuffs and raise over $5,000.

Service contracts awarded to local suppliers

The Casino du Lac-Leamy awards more than 50 service contracts to local suppliers each year (maintenance, landscaping, food, etc.). This represents nearly 400 indirect jobs that are created or maintained by the Casino.

In all, Québec’s casinos purchase nearly 271 million dollars annually in goods and services from 1,300 businesses in the province.

This policy is used by all of Québec’s casinos.

Partnerships that work

Every year, the Casino de Charlevoix supports tens of events and groups that make a contribution to the community’s vitality.

These are energizing events that create pride among local residents, and include the Domaine Forget International Festival, the Rodéo de Charlevoix and the Grands Rendez-Vous Cyclistes de Charlevoix.        

Four casinos, four Moisson organizations

On September 24, almost 180 employees rallied to a single cause: food security. The Société des casinos du Québec (SCQ) took the opportunity of volunteer day to announce ongoing support for the four Moisson organizations in the province.

For the past several years, our casinos and Moisson organizations have joined forces in volunteer activities. The new partnership on the theme Quatre casinos, quatre Moisson focuses the SCQ’s social engagement efforts on a cause that reaches many people.

Many initiatives will be undertaken internally at the SCQ to support Moisson organizations, including organizing recurrent volunteer activities, fundraising events and foodstuff collection drives.                

Hot Dog Day benefiting Centraide

Every year, Hot Dog Day is held on the employee’s outside terrace at the Casino de Charlevoix to collect donations benefiting Centraide. It was an excellent opportunity to do something both useful and fun! Last summer, a total of $640 was collected during this activity.                

$10,000 donation to support the mission of the SAAB

On September 24, 2014, as part of the Corporation’s volunteer activity entitled Par pur plaisir… de donner!, the Casino de Charlevoix made a $10,000 donation to the Service alimentaire et d’aide budgétaire (SAAB) de Charlevoix-Est, which is affiliated with Moisson Saguenay–Saint-Jean. The donation will help the charitable organization enhance services in cooperation with other partners in the area who contribute to, among other things, the purchase of food baskets for families in need. Food assistance requirements are growing in the Charlevoix area, as reflected by the 45% increase in requests submitted to the SAAB this past year.                

Walking for a good cause in Charlevoix!

For the fourth consecutive year, Casino de Charlevoix employees walked for a good cause on May 22. The annual 45-km trek between Baie-Saint-Paul and La Malbaie, which includes many hills and valleys, raised over $7,500. The money will be donated to the Fondation Campus Charlevoix fundraising campaign to equip the Centre d’études collégiales en Charlevoix (CÉCC) with quality sports and multifunctional installations for Charlevoix youth.

A total of 64 walkers took up the challenge, twenty of which were Casino de Charlevoix employees, as well as students, teachers and staff members from the CÉCC, and Fondation Campus Charlevoix volunteers.                

Engagés dans la communauté



In 2014, 5 Casino de Charlevoix employees received a cheque in the amount of $150 to be remitted to their favourite charitable organization in the Gens de cœur (people with heart) segment of Loto-Québec’s community involvement program Engagés dans la communauté. The initiative provides financial support to non-profit organizations in which our employees are regularly involved.

The Casino de Charlevoix is proud to recognize the efforts of employees who participate in their community’s non-profit organizations.

Perennial plant sale

The Casino de Charlevoix employee’s annual perennial plant sale raised $425. The money was turned over to the Service d’aide alimentaire et budgétaire (SAAB) of Charlevoix-Est.                

Partner of Circuit électrique

The Casino de Charlevoix and the Fairmont Le Manoir Richelieu hotel became partners of Circuit électrique and installed a station on the site so customers can recharge their vehicle during their stay. Circuit électrique, supplied by Hydro-Québec, is the largest public recharging network in Québec with 270 points of service offering 240 volt power.                

Composting continues

Following the 2013 implementation of composting in areas reserved for employees, the Casino de Charlevoix expanded coverage in 2014 with the installation of triple-compartment containers to receive compostable, recycling and waste materials in areas frequented by customers. In so doing, the Corporation gives customers a more ecological disposal option. The next step will be to implement composting in the Casino’s food service areas. Once the project is complete, composting practices throughout the establishment is expected to reduce waste by an annual 30 metric tonnes, or the equivalent of approximately 2,000 garbage bags.                


The Casino de Charlevoix has earned Level 2 – Implementation of Recyc-Québec’s ICI ON RECYCLE! program, which recognizes efforts deployed with regard to the sound management of residual materials. The implementation of various measures to reduce, reuse, recycle and reclaim (4Rs), such as composting and various actions to raise awareness, demonstrate the importance we place on proper residual materials management.                

Cigarette Waste Brigade®

Last April, the Casino de Charlevoix marked Earth Day by joining the Cigarette Waste Brigade®, a TerraCycle program that recycles cigarette waste while also raising money. Customers and employees are therefore invited to place extinguished cigarette and cigar butts, cigarette filters, ashes, rolling paper and packaging plastic in the ashtrays of our outdoor smoking areas. The cigarette waste will be recycled into a variety of industrial-use products, including plastic pallets. As for leftover tobacco, it will be composted. For each pound of cigarette waste sent to TerraCycle, the Casino receives $1 that is turned over to a non-profit organization.                

Employee meeting ecocertified!

The Casino de Charlevoix ecocertified an internal meeting of more than 120 employees last May. The meeting earned the Bureau de normalisation du Québec’s (BNQ) Level 3 certification for eco-friendly events, which means that cooperation was established between event organizers, service providers, participants and users to reduce the event’s environmental impact and increase economic and social benefits for the area.                

Elimination of bottled water

The Casino de Charlevoix replaced individual water bottles by reusable glasses in its gaming areas, an initiative that drew active participation from both employees and customers.

The project, which was rolled out in all Québec casinos, will eliminate nearly 1.2 million plastic bottles annually.

No more disposable dishes in the employee cafeteria

By removing disposable dishes in the employee cafeteria, the Casino de Charlevoix has made a significant gesture that will avoid throwing away more than 110,000 plastic glasses, 26,000 plastic plates and 250,000 plastic utensils each year.

In addition to helping reserve resources, this action promotes responsible consumption by casino employees.

Actions integrated in an overall approach to sustainable development

Throughout Loto-Québec and its subsidiaries, sustainable development is supported by the responsible management of games of chance, taking into account economic, social and environmental aspects in order to maximize our contribution to the community.

Our commitment leads us to analyze the consequences of our activities in order to, in as much as possible, amplify their positive effects and mitigate negative consequences. 

For more information, visit the Documentation Centre on Loto‑Québec's web site.