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Slot Machines | Hôtel-Casino du Lac-Leamy

Slot machines

Over 1,430 slots at the Casino du Leac-Leamy.

The adventure begins as soon as the machine is activated. Little bets can turn into big winnings. Progressive jackpots grow before your very eyes. With the wide variety of slot machines at the Casino du Lac-Leamy, you’ll experience a whole range of emotions. 

Good to know

The Casino du Lac-Leamy offers slot machines of every type and colour. They’re yours to discover!


Some machines offer denominations as low as 1¢ or 2¢. Once you are in front of the machine, you can vary your bets by selecting the number of lines and the multiplier, and even activate side bets. The choice is yours.   

Lots and lots of new 2.0 features

The Casino’s slot machine games take on the characteristics of about sixty new themes every year. Inspired by popular movies, TV series heroes or pop music stars, they draw you into an immersive experience. Many are equipped with a bench that moves to the rhythm of the game, a touch screen, 3D graphics and sound system. Fun for all the senses.

Favourite classics

Many of the Casino’s slot machines are the classic reel variety that are easy to play with. Hold your breath watching the symbols align one after the other!

Poker and keno machines

You enjoy poker and keno games, but you’d like to play a slot machine? Multi-game machines are for you. The combination of many fun games deliver sure-fire entertainment!

Progressive jackpots

Fuel the adrenaline with a slot machine that offers a prize that could change the course of the evening, and perhaps your life. You could win over $270,000 with progressive jackpot machines!

Watch some jackpots increase live by clicking:

See the Progressive Jackpots

High limits slot machines

As a High Limits customer, you can take advantage of a special VIP area and personalized services. In addition to getting exclusive previews to the features, you may play on slot machines that are matching your preferred pace and preferences. An exciting experience.

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