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Le Montréal

Le Montréal
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Le Montréal

Seafood and Grill

Experience Le Montréal’s market-fresh products, inventive local cuisine full of Québec discoveries and new dishes, always elegantly presented. On one side, you will appreciate an impressive view of Montréal’s lively downtown area. On the other, observe our culinary magicians carefully concocting savoury seafood and grilled meats in the open kitchen. 

For Sunday brunch, Le Montréal’s team invites you to serve yourself, right from the kitchen. It’s the perfect opportunity see our cooks at work and learn a new culinary trick or two.

Bon appétit!

Jean-Pierre Curtat

Executive Chef

Since graduating from the Institut de tourisme et d'hôtellerie du Québec in 1979, Jean-Pierre Curtat has perfected his art in various establishments in Québec and France. He has been the Casino de Montréal’s Executive Chef since 1993. In addition to his exceptional work in our kitchens, Mr. Curtat is also involved in the Montréal en lumière festival. Since 2009, he has orchestrated the concept and menus for the four restaurants that make up the Casino’s gourmet food offerings. 

A few Québec artisans

Celebrating local producers and farmers

Laiterie Charlevoix
One of their products is on the menu: Lobster chowder with St-Laurent gin, croûton with Hercule de Charlevoix cheese gratin, Irish moss flour from Forillon National Park
Cassis Monna & Filles
One of their products is on the menu: Pan-seared foie gras, crispy brioche, Monna & filles Crème de cassis caramel, honeyberry jam
Charcuterie Stefan Frick
One of their products is on the menu: Old-fashioned smoked black pudding from Charcuterie Stefan Frick, celeriac and apple purée, fried cauliflower
1642 Sodas
One of their products is on the menu: Québec lamb rib duo, lamb pastilla braised for 12 hours in 1642 Cola, fried risotto with goat cheese


Canadian Angus Beef AAA

The beef is stored in our aging chamber at a controlled temperature, providing the ideal conditions needed for the meat to age to perfection.

Aged beef is characterized by slightly sweeter notes and a light nutty flavour.

Kansas City bone-in strip steak

12 oz


Cowboy rib steak

16 oz


Delmonico boneless rib eye steak

16 oz


T-bone steak

24 oz


Due to the long process of meat dry aging, we might not be able to offer you all the cuts announced.

Tender lettuce mix in a jar

Summer tomato and Omerto liqueur vinaigrette, basil croutons, Taleggio-style Majestic buffalo milk cheese shavings from La Ferme Maciocia


Grilled heart of romaine lettuce

Mild garlic dressing, Rang 4 lardons caramelized in maple syrup, fried poached egg


Old-fashioned black pudding

From Charcuterie Stefan Frick, celeriac purée and spring onion compote with bacon and L’Heure de mettre la pomme à off brandy


Grilled octopus

Green tapenade, cold and creamy maple-smoked bell pepper shooter, hint of El Lapino beer from Mont-Laurier


Smoked salmon

Quick-fried french toast, La Malbaie horseradish ice cream, pressed beets, marinated green blueberries


Snow crab cakes

Corn chowder with chorizo, spicy popcorn


Jumbo shrimp tempura

Vegetables, buckthorn coulis


Pan-seared foie gras

Brioche crumble, Monna & Filles crème de cassis caramel, honeyberry jam


Freshly minced beef filet tartare

Spicy beet coulis, egg yolk tempura, chips


Temptation tower (for 2)

(beef tartare, black pudding, smoked salmon, shrimp)


Menu in Canadian dollars

Menu subject to change without notice

Roasted half Cornish hen

Sautéed vegetables, jus reduction, black garlic espuma from Hemmingford


Pulled osso buco and vegetable lasagna

Reggiano parmesan, braising jus reduction


Thai-style grilled tuna steak

Summer vegetables, carrot coulis with La Carotte du Lièvre beer


Salmon filet

Glazed with spruce beer and Arctic peppery green alder


Jumbo shrimps flambéed

With Michel Jodoin Calijo, cannelloni with shrimps and ricotta cheese, white bisque


Freshly sliced beef filet tartare

Spicy beet coulis, egg yolk tempura, fresh French fries


Québec lamb rib duo

Lamb pastilla braised for 12 hours in 1642 Cola, fried risotto with goat cheese


Pan-seared giant scallops

Soy butter, potato purée à la M


Québec casinos seafood platter

Grilled salmon, crab legs tempura, roasted lobster tail, mussels, scallops, shrimps, vegetables, rice, spicy mayonnaise (*no substitution)

for 1: $69.00
for 2: $105.00

Menu in Canadian dollars

Menu subject to change without notice

$5.00 charge for shared dishes

Please note that a 15% gratuity is automatically added for groups of 8 persons or more

Add one of the following to accompany your grilled meat:


Potato purée à la M

Smash oven-baked potato

Fresh French fries

Poutine, peppercorn sauce, Champêtre cheese curd ($3.00 extra)

Fried macaroni with cheese and truffle salt cheese curd ($3.00 extra)

Pork ribs à la M (16 oz)

Maple syrup and Sainte-Marie rum sauce

$32.00 - half serving: $21.00

Beef flank steak (8 oz)


Beef strip loin (12 oz)


Beef tenderloin (7 oz)


Beef rib steak (16 oz)


Le Bocké

Strip loin hamburger, farmer’s bacon, beer-marinated cheese, spicy mayonnaise


Tomahawk beef

Cooked at low temperature (for 2)


Surf and turf

Combine any main dish with one or more types of seafood:

Pan-seared giant scallops (3): $25.00

Pan-seared shrimps (3): $15.00

Roasted lobster tail (1): $30.00

Crab legs tempura (210 g): $40.00

Our meat dishes are served with your choice of classic pepper sauce or shallot sauce.

Menu in Canadian dollars

Menu subject to change without notice

Includes one appetizer, a main dish, a dessert and coffee or tea.



Tomato gaspacho

Crostini with anchovy cream, ricotta, tomato and capers

Main dishes

Tomato pappardelle

Zucchini and basil pesto

Bison slider

With L’Hercule de Charlevoix cheese and Jack Daniel’s-flavoured onion compote

Roasted breast of guinea fowl

Homemade smoked sausage, market-fresh vegetables

Garlic escargots bundle

Goat cheese and chlorophyll cream sauce

Swordfish marinated in white beer

Vegetable spaghetti, citrus salsa


Lime, coconut and white chocolate pie

À la noix de coco et au chocolat blanc

Selection of Montebello cheeses

Grilled blue cheese sandwich, Trou du diable beer jelly from Shawinigan

($9.00 surcharge)

Menu in Canadian dollars

Menu subject to change without notice

Thin lemon pie




Québec strawberry dessert

With orange blossom


Fruit Pavlova


Le Montréal chocolaty delight


Crème brûlée trilogy

Vanilla, maple caramel and chocolate


Selection of Montebello cheeses

Grilled blue cheese sandwich, Trou du diable beer jelly from Shawinigan


Menu in Canadian dollars

Menu subject to change without notice


Le Montréal

Casino de Montréal, Level 5
Pavillon La France, 1, avenue du Casino
Montréal, Qc H3C 4W7



Information and reservations

514-392-2709 or 1-800-665-2274

Debit and credit cards accepted: Visa, MasterCard and American Express

Reservations may be made, according to availability, except on promotion days, holidays and during the Christmas season

During high volume evenings, come to Level 3 of the Casino to get your wait line coupon. Our coupon distribution system is used as soon as the restaurant is full.

Must be 18 years or over

Opening hours

From Sunday to Thursday, from 5:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m.
Friday, from 4:30 p.m. to 11:00 p.m.
Saturday, from 4:30 p.m. to midnight


*Taxes and service extra