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The Cabaret du Casino | Casino de Montréal

Multi-functional hall

How about an extraordinary evening at an outstanding venue? Try the Cabaret du Casino!

The multi-functional hall has exceptional acoustics. It’s the first hall in Québec to have 3D sound installations that transport the audience to the heart of a memorable experience. Enter a world where entertainment is king.

On with the show!

A package for every taste

With its warm welcome and unique way of doing things, the Cabaret du Casino knows all about hospitality.
Noon or evening, combine a meal with a show.

Savour the moment.


Coming soon.



Information and reservations

1-800-665-2274, option 6 (groups)


*Tax and gratuity included. §Show schedule may vary without notice. The price includes service fees (i.e. $6.50 for tickets that are $30 or less including tax, or $10.50 for tickets over $30), tax and gratuity.